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For over 20 years, Community Recycling created and delivered an innovative and engaging portfolio of consumer-based clothing and accessory recycling programs. Through the simple act of recycling, we connected people, communities and cultures around the world with a personally rewarding and measurable sustainability experience.

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Now, Circlarity represents the next step in our efforts. Circlarity is a recycling solutions provider for the fashion industry, brands, retailers, and manufacturers, offering a full range of services dedicated to sustainable recycling practices and landfill diversion. Presently, we are focused on our Secure Apparel Recycling Services and our Product Take Back Software Solutions. These solutions that extend the lifecycle of merchandise also createnew revenue opportunities and responsible participation in the growing circular economy. Visit for more information.

ShoeBox Recycling and GotSneakers have combined forces to deliver an exceptional footwear recycling experience for you and your organization.

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We have made it simple and easy to sign up for a shoe recycling program : GotSneakers online registration form. GotSneakers will instantly ship you a sneaker collection kit that includes five (5) collection bags with pre-paid shipping labels. Please pack and ship all athletic-shoes in accordance with the GotSneakers instructions, and your organization will be compensated in accordance with the GotSneakers’ footwear compensation terms and conditions. Additionally, we kindly ask you and your organization NOT to send non-athletic footwear of any kind. Instead, we strongly encourage you to donate your non-athletic shoes to your local non-profit or charity organization. You will not be compensated for non-athletic footwear

We are excited to bring a new level of engagement to our footwear recycling efforts, and we look forward to continuing the great work we have done together.

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