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Recycling in the comfort of
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ShoeBox ShoeBox Recycling

Recycle your shoes, find
your SoleMate.

Thrift At Your Thrift

Front door to back door service:
recycle, reuse and a revenue stream.

Bin At Your Nearby Bin

Recycling conveniently is good for you
and people around the world.

Retailer At Your Retailer

Close the loop as you add
more clothes.

News & Press

  • 16 Jul

    A Letter of Thanks to ShoeBox Recycling

    “I started the ShoeBox Recycling in 2012 for two reasons. They are to keep shoes out of our landfills and recycle them to people who could use them, and to also raise money for my cause which is to help … Read More

  • 15 May

    CR Reunites Beloved College Sweatshirt with Owner

      Community Recycling processes over 50 tons of recycled clothes everyday. That’s why when recycler Kerry C. accidentally recycled her husband’s favorite college sweatshirt, she thought it was gone forever. But thanks to Community Recycling’s dedicated crew and our commitment … Read More