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Community Recycling CAMPUS has the needs of the student body and the university at heart, offering a sustainable and responsible solution for those move out/clean out days that happen throughout the year. We will work with your campus to promote waste reduction through proper textile recycling. Clothes, shoes, bags, bikes…all the things left behind with each passing semester are much better suited for reuse rather than landfill.

The US EPA estimates that everyone in the US landfills at least 70 pounds of perfectly reusable clothes and other ‘stuff’. We offer a convenient and easy green challenge that will resonate with your college community and keep those landfills hungry.

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Like most communities, textile waste is a huge burden on campuses, especially on clean out/move out days.

We offer solutions for every type of campus situation, making textile recycling convenient, easy and green.

Enjoy the Civic Pride that comes with doing the right thing for the right reasons!

  • Textile Reuse supports job growth and the local economy
  • Textile Reuse offers a means of affordable clothing options for resale around the globe
  • Textile Reuse reduces landfill waste and saves significantly on diversion
  • Textile Reuse of textiles saves water for cotton growth and petroleum for polyester manufacturing